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Sharing In Christ's Sufferings

January 21, 2022 by: Doug Knox

Philippians 3:10 Grief among a Sea of Happy Faces Contemporary Christianity has come to insist on a single-item diet—all praise all the time.  Our faith culture insists that we praise God in every situation, regardless of how difficult the situation ... Keep Reading

When Love Makes Us Alert

January 7, 2022 by: Kevin Burkholder

Often when we think of love in an emotional sense, love can distract. Talk to any school teacher after March each school year. Students love the warmer weather and feel like they love each other. Distraction! Perhaps you remember some of your first childhood loves. A... Keep Reading


December 3, 2021 by: Kevin Burkholder

This Sunday we will focus on the Advent theme of "Peace". I don't mean to write this blog as a substitute for the sermon or the Advent devotional which will be shared as part of our worship this Sunday (which, by the way, should be neat to see). I want to talk a... Keep Reading

Why Personal Lament is Important in Knowing God

November 19, 2021 by: Doug Knox

WHY PERSONAL LAMENT IS IMPORTANT IN KNOWING GOD Psalm 13  What Lament Is Quick—think of a Christian praise song.  Piece of cake.  Praise songs cover the Christian landscape like leaves on the forest floor.  If we were to ask for... Keep Reading

The Infinite Weight of Prayer What is prayer?  Exactly?  When we try to answer the question, we often run into conflicting notions.  Of course, prayer consists of petitions for the saints, but is it only a recitation of our daily laundry l... Keep Reading

A Few Words About Life and Death

October 8, 2021 by: Kevin Burkholder

Just a few words today about life and death. Normally death won't occupy our thoughts until it confronts us directly. I heard of the death of a young person this week. I worked with a girl while tutoring this week who lost her father last year. Both of these circums... Keep Reading

Masks, Lockdowns, Fauci, the Jab and Vaccine Cards

September 17, 2021 by: Caleb Nichols

If someone told me a few years ago that masks, lockdowns, Fauci, the jab and vaccine cards would be the thing that we are fighting most about I would have said they were crazy. I never thought that these would be the things dividing us. I am growing tired of seeing so... Keep Reading

Jesus Our Advocate

September 3, 2021 by: Kevin Burkholder

One of the things I have enjoyed doing over the past several years is advocating for children in Summit County Juvenile Court. The role I fill is called a CASA which stands for Court Appointed Special Advocate. Basically, I investigate cases related to child welf... Keep Reading

Thinking Man's Warfare

August 20, 2021 by: Doug Knox

Nehemiah 8:5-8 Untethered Opinions A few years ago, a college professor invited three students with radically differing views on a particular subject to engage in dialogue.  He asked them, “Without a recognized standard of right and wrong, how do you... Keep Reading

"Two Reflections from the Mission Field "

August 13, 2021 by: Kevin Burkholder

Today I'll go with something very much on my mind. I recently traveled to a foreign mission field, a place where many nations have converged. While I look forward to fully unpacking this in person in the coming weeks, let me today share two quick points of reflection... Keep Reading